Campaign & pop-up setup

How to set up my first campaign?
How to schedule a campaign?
Can I add a link or custom HTML in my text?
I collected a lot of emails but I can only see 40 in my table, why?
How to send an analytics event when someone has played? (Facebook Pixel for instance)


How to send your collected data to your email provider like Mailchimp, Klaviyo etc.
How to sync my past data with my integration (Klaviyo, Mailchimp…)?


How to setup automatically generated coupons?
How to offer a discount coupon for one single product?
How to set up “Buy X Get Y” discounts?

Display rules

How to display your pop-up on a specific page?
How can I test if my pop-up works well on my website?
How to display the pop-up when clicking on a custom button (or any HTML element)
What happens when you reset cookies?

Billing & Account

How will I be charged if I downgrade or upgrade my subscription plan?
My remaining quota is down to 0% too fast, how can I get more displays?
What does “displays used” and “displays remaining” mean?