On the top-right corner of your app, you can see a progression bar that says Displays used: 0 of X. This bar is here to show you how many times your pop-ups have been displayed on your website (a display is counted only if the main popup has been displayed : if only the teaser has been displayed, it won’t count). In this case 0. The following number represents how many times your pop-ups are allowed to be displayed, and this number depends on what plan you chose.

For example, if you chose the 9$/month plan on July 20th. This plan gives you 5,000 displays. That means that your pop-ups can be displayed 5,000 times on your website, all campaigns combined.

One month after, on August 20th, the number of displays is reset to 5,000, the displays bar will go back to 0 displays used and you’ll be charged 9$.

Here is an example of how your display bar can evolve:

  1. You just started your plan, you haven’t used any displays, none of your pop-ups were displayed on your website.
  2. Your pop-ups were displayed 2,656 times out of 5,000, you have 2,344 displays left.
  3. You’ve reached 5,000 before your plan renewal. Your pop-ups are no longer displayed!

You can either wait for your plan to be renewed on the date indicated (it will reset your quota), or upgrade to a bigger plan to have more displays and get your campaigns back on running. Check out how to upgrade your plan. Note that each time your monthly quota is reached, we will let you know by sending you an email.