Collect Up to 6x More Emails Compared to Annoying Pop-Ups!

SmashPops is the addictive way to use customized gamified pop-ups to add new email subscribers and to skyrocket your online profits!

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For Online Store Owners who are using:
Choose from 6 customizable Game Templates
When you add SmashPops to your online store, you’ll be able to pick and choose which games you want to use in order to get started right away. These types of games will make it hard for new viewers to resist playing and gives them the chance to earn discounts they can use to purchase directly from your online store!
Card Dance
Spin the Wheel
Slot Machine
Pick a Gift
Scratch Card
Claw Machine
An exciting look at SmashPops features
Fully Customizable
Powerful Triggers
Advanced Features
Change colors
Customize text & font
Add custom background
Change display
Choose your discounts
Set your coupon codes
Runs on all recent browsers
Target users based on:
Leave intents
Scroll position
Device type
Number of visits
Automatic junk email detection
Send collected emails to Klaviyo, MailChimp, AWeber, CSV file...
Generate one-time use coupons
Send coupons via email
Popup teaser
Coupon reminder bar
Track the following metrics:
Number of collected emails
Conversion rate
Sales from coupons (only for some integrations)
Number of auto-generated coupons
Hit your Sales Goals with the Power of Gamification
Engage With Your Visitors
By making game participation feel exclusive, which motivates content interaction.
Explode Your Email List
Encourage action to click-in, rather than to delete, which results in customer conversions.
Boost Your Profits
Open up the floodgates to new and repeated purchase from loyal buyers.
Increase Your Direct Sales By Up To 30%!
Yesterday’s traditional pop-up has now transformed into a subscriber and profit-generating machine thanks to gamification. This means that the era of mundane and lifeless pop-ups has turned an exciting new corner.

SmashPops is unlike typical pop-ups that are dull and boring. The real beauty about SmashPops and gamification is just how irresistible it is for new visitors. Not only will they get to play an exciting game and win a discount coupon code when they do play, but it’ll also make them feel VALUED. Plus, once you’ve gained their trust and they’ve “micro-committed” to submitting their email to “win” a coupon code, they’ll be much more likely to buy! This means more sales and profits for you!
Collect Up to 6x More Emails Compared to Traditional Pop-Ups
SmashPops Offers You Everything You Need To Make More Money!
If you’re already selling products online but looking for a fun and exciting way to not only grow your email list and boost your profits at the same time, then SmashPops is perfect for you.

This is your opportunity to use the magnetic power of gamification to your advantage. There’s something truly magical that happens in a potential customers mind when you can entertain them and give them value at the same time. They not only get to instantly engage with you, but this leads to more trust. And more trust and interaction leads to more SALES!

We’d like to personally invite you to see just how powerful and effective SmashPops and gamification can really be for your own online store. We know once you try SmashPops for yourself and see how it will elevate your success, you’ll wish you’d discovered this amazing pop-up tool much sooner.
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